Quotable Quotes

To be inspired by words is quite an accomplishment.  To inspire by speaking and using the right words is an art.  Great leaders throughout history have made their marks on the minds of men by the words they spoke and the passion they invoked.  They have moved armies, toppled governments, created countries and inspired individuals to be the change in the world and in themselves.

What words have inspired you?  Was it the coach who saw more in you than you saw in yourself?  Was it a parent who put their hand on your shoulder and whispered words of encouragement in your ear?  Was it a Leader in business or a politician who was setting the goals forward and spoke those memorable yet meaningful words?  We can all remember something that has touched our souls from the mouths of mortals.

I don’t know if many of these will move the heavens, but they touched me in a personal, professional and spiritual way.  I have collected many quotes, mainly from business leaders that have been written in my little brown journal.  They have encouraged me to change my thinking and my actions.  I hope they do the same for you.

Many of these are under 140 characters, so I have been tweeting many of them on a daily basis through Twitter under #LeadersTips.  You can follow @Gary_Vien to receive daily leadership tips.  Enjoy!

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