Honesty is the best policy…

My Dad would say to me, “Honesty and integrity are so key to who you are.  Whatever you do, it will eventually be found out.” His teaching reminds me of this story. One day, four high school students decided to cut their morning classes. After lunch, they reported to their teacher that their car hadContinue reading “Honesty is the best policy…”


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Taking pause to reflect on my greatest mentor, my Dad

Today would have been my Dad’s 83rd birthday. While it has only been three years since his passing, I still hear his voice, sense his encouragement and feel his presence. I want to take pause today to reflect on a few of examples of his leadership in my life – as my first and greatestContinue reading “Taking pause to reflect on my greatest mentor, my Dad”

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Letter to a friend on her promotion

This is a letter written back in April 2001 to a friend after hearing of her promotion… My dearest friend – Good news travels quickly – congratulations on your promotion!  Just a few thoughts as you move into your new role. First – remember where you came from.  All of the employees are looking toContinue reading “Letter to a friend on her promotion”

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