Ten Levels of Delegation

As a Leader, you are charged with getting things done through the efforts of others. The ability to use your vision, experience and personality in directing tasks, setting goals and achieving results is paramount to your success and the success of the organization.

How you go about delegating tasks are based on the environment, your team and the task itself. There is no silver bullet and no one best way. There are some LeadersTips which can be offered to assist in the delegation process.

A few years ago, a friend of mine found an interesting article on delegation. It laid out ten levels of delegation. While always difficult to nail jello to a wall, these statements attempt to give a framework for delegating. What level is based on many factors to include your trust and confidence of the individual and the amount of freedom and responsibility to be given. While I wouldn’t suggest this, my friend actually printed this out, framed it on his wall and when he gave someone a task, looked up at the frame and said “That’s a number 8.”

Ten Levels of Delegation

  1. Do exactly what I say.
  2. Look into this and tell me the situation. I will decide.
  3. Look into this and tell me the situation. We will decide together.
  4. Tell me the situation and what help you need from me in assessing and handling it. Then we’ll decide.
  5. Give me your analysis of the situation (reasons, options, pros and cons) and recommendation. I’ll let you know whether you can go ahead.
  6. Decide and let me know your decision, and wait for my go-ahead before proceeding.
  7. Decide and let me know your decision, then go ahead unless I say not to.
  8. Decide and take action – let me know what you did and what happened.
  9. Decide and take action. You need not check back with me.
  10. Decide where action needs to be taken and manage the situation accordingly. It’s your area of responsibility now.

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What does it take to be a leader? How can you gain practical experience and knowledge in developing your leadership style and attitude? You do this one experience at a time, one spoonful at a time. Gary J. Vien has over 40 years of deep leadership experience living and working in seven states, from coast to coast. Over the years he has written many life quotes, leadership maxims and stories in a 6 by 9 inch brown, blank journal his father gave him. Now he opens his journal and begins to share the wisdom and writings of the times. Read, practice and enjoy these LeadersTips from the little brown journal...

One thought on “Ten Levels of Delegation

  1. This is an excellent list, Gary. This is a great tool to help bring structure when delegating tasks. Too many times I see tasks get assigned, only to have the supervisor upset because the employee didn’t follow-up the way the supervisor wanted to, even though no level of delegation was given. I’m going to talk with some members of our leadership team, they always enjoy reading blogs like this!

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